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Our company is one of the leaders in the manufacture of products derived from sunflower seeds. Our customers include major international and Ukrainian companies - retail companies, farms and fuel suppliers.

Our crushing capacity stands at 150,000 MT of sunflower seed per year, equivalent to 70,000 MT per year of bulk sunflower oil and about 68,000 MT of sunflower meal.Specialized in supply chain Management of Agro Food Commodities , such as Grains, oil & Oil Seed’s, Pulses, Rice,fertile hatching eggs Sugar, Frozen Chicken,Dry Fruits & Nuts, Spices, Canned Foods,

etel Nut,Cashew nuts ,Almond,Macadamia nuts,Pistachios,walnuts ,peanuts , SoyBean  meal, halal  frozen chicken
Sunflower Oil,Palm Oil,Corn Oil, SoyBean Oil ,Rice and Specialty Products . 

Our Vast network of overseas office’s and processing units currently exports over 50 food products & Agro commodities to more than 45 countries. Our Valued customers enjoys benefits of constant & regular prices, shipment and best quality of food products from us. Our company , focuses on maintaining Healthy relationships and creating value for our customers (Both Buyers and Sellers). 

Our Brands:

We have our own brands which are very popular and selling with great demand. We also do Specialized in Customized packing for our valued customers in their privates Brands. 


Over 5000 valued customers.
Over 400,000 tons trading annually.
Over 10,000 tons ready stock available.
Over USA 1Billion (1,000,000,000.00) group turnover.
16 world class bank's.
14 offices.
400 total personnel.
Export to 45 countries.
World class warehousing facility.
State of art processing units.
Chiller room's for sensitive products.
Various achievements / certificates.